How to Help Support Glen Ellyn Children in Need

If you are looking to help, there are a few quick ways.  First, year round we are always looking for supplies, donations, and ideas.  School supplies is our core, but we also hold winterwear drives and are even looking to address shoes this year.  

School Supplies and Backpacks

Every donation helps supply children with a school supply kit and backpack.  This year we estimate 800 children will need our help.  For under the price of a tank of gas, you can positively fuel a child’s academic journey for one year.  Whether you donate one kit or ten, every little bit counts and we appreciate the support.  

Winter Outerwear Drive

We also help supply children with a full complement of winter gear, hat, coat, mittens, snow pants, boots, etc.  Winterwear is a little more costly, but we believe children should have warm fingers, toes, and memories of their elementary years.  Help a Glen Ellyn child this year with your donation.  


Supplies 4 Success is exploring options to supply children with shoes.  If you have any ideas or are willing to support the cause, please contact us.  

  • Supplies 4 Success has been a wonderful addition to our community.  The organization helps needy students in our school district obtain the supplies they must have to get through the school year.  Another fantastic feature of the program is giving students their necessary winter gear. Students who use the program feel comfortable in their schools because they have all that they need to fully participate in class and enjoy the cold weather with their friends.  

    Patty Dentinger
    1st Grade Teacher

Help Glen Ellyn’s Low-Income Children!